Need your copy like yesterday?

Turn the wordsmithing over to me for 48-hours and  (finally!) check a HUGE item off your to-do list. And close that damn doc with it’s judgmental cursor.

Expertly-written copy, without the wait.

My Copywriting VIP Days are designed to get you kickass copy in 48 hours or less. When you book a VIP day, your copy is done effectively, efficiently, and fast.

Book a VIP Day to finally check off…a long-form sales page // those pesky launch emails // 2-3 website pages // a short-form landing page + delivery emails, or anything else you can dream up!

Obviously, I’m not a time traveler. But y’all, I wish I was!! I would totally go back and take Vonnegut to lunch. *sigh*

And since I’m not a time traveler, I can’t go back in time to write your copy.

What I CAN do is create custom, strategic marketing copy that sounds like YOU & sells the ish out of your programs or products (with integrity, of course!) + e-deliver the finished product (via email with a link to your very own Google Doc) to you within 48 hours.

Done-for-you copywriting services

with a 2-day turnaround

delivered straight to your inbox?


Here’s how it works…

Book your day

Book your preferred VIP Day on my calendar and pay. Then, sign the contract that will auto-magically land in your inbox.

Complete Your Copy Brief

My Copywriting Brief is a deep-dive questionnaire to get me up to speed with your brand, your audience, your offer, and your voice.

1-Hour Strategy Session

Book your 1-hour strategy session so that we can hatch a plan for success & dive deeper into your offer & map the strategy for your content.

Sit back & relax

On your VIP day, I dedicate the WHOLE day (6 hours) to creating kickass content that clearly describes your program or product and will make your audience hand over their $$$.

What Can we accomplish during a VIP Day?

I’m so glad you asked! Take your pick from one of these awesome VIP day projects:

  • Long-form sales page + thank you page
  • An opt-in landing page + thank you page + delivery email
  • 2-3 website pages (home, about, services, contact/work with me)
  • Short email sequence (think welcome, nurture, or opt-in) with 5-7 emails

Answers to those burning questions coming right up!

What’s the investment?

The investment for your VIP day is currently $3,000. Payment is due in full at time of booking.

If you need to break up the payment, I am pleased to offer equitable payment plans that allow you to break that big chunk into 2 or 4 interest-free payments. Email me for options.

What if I find out that I need more copy than can be completed during a single VIP Day?
How much copy will you write during my VIP Day?

Typically, I can complete one of the following during a VIP day:

  • Long-form sales page + thank you page
  • Opt-in landing page + thank you page + delivery email
  • 2-3 website pages (home, about, services, contact/work with me)
  • Short email sequence like welcome, nurture, or opt-in ( approximately 5-7 emails)

Once you book the VIP day, we will discuss what you need, and I will give you an accurate estimate of the deliverables that I can get complete during your VIP Day.

How long will I have to wait to schedule my VIP Day (and when will I get my stuff?!)?

You can book your VIP day immediately by hitting any of the buttons on this page (easy-peasy!).

You’ll receive your finished copy within 2 business days of your VIP Day. The sooner you book, the sooner you get your copy!

How long is a VIP Day? Do I need to be available for the whole day?

On your VIP Day, I dedicate the whole day (6 hours!) to your project—no other clients or priorities!

You do not have to be available on the actual VIP day, though being able to reach you via text or voice memo can be helpful. Either way, I’ll be working hard on your copy while you do you.

Are edits included?

Absolutely! Your VIP Day comes with 2 rounds of edits already included (if you need them).

If you do need edits, I’ll turn them around in just 2 business days, so if you use both rounds of edits, you’ll still have your completed copy no later than one week after your VIP Day. *chef’s kiss*

Get your copy done (almost) overnight

Let me roll out the red carpet for you and create kickass marketing copy delivered right to your inbox in just 48 hours.


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