Xtina Harmsworth

Collaborating on our Kajabi launch with Brea Gunn was exactly what we were looking for. She is VERY realistic about timelines while being aggressive enough to get them done. Believe it or not, this is a unicorn trait in the industry! Brea worked with my existing tight-knit office team to let us know EXACTLY what we needed to provide her AND even helped our team learn the ropes on Kajabi to expedite the process. We felt confident by the launch date that we had a viable product, and have done over $6fig in sales from the products created. She’s pretty great.

“Working with you, you’ve been able to turn my biz mindset around and help me create an outreach system that works. Thank you!”

Deborah Beckwin

Ed Troxell

I’ve been following Breanna for a few years now I believe and when I decided to seek out support for my own marketing efforts I reached out to Breanna. I already knew her and I kept seeing her posts on social media so we hopped on a discovery call to discuss my options. I was in a place in my business where I knew I needed a bit more hand-holding, mostly so I could get out of my head and out of my own way. The weekly accountability really helped me stay on task and pushed me outside my comfort zone. Breanna was able to provide me with the structure and accountability that I needed in order to hit the ground running! As a solopreneur there are so many things you need to do, should probably do, and can do which is why you really need a coach to help guide you along the way. Breanna has helped me better structure my offers and lay out a road map for how I present them to prospective clients. She has also taught me how to really lean into LinkedIn to expand my network and find people who I can truly help and frankly need someone like me to help support them in their business. Since working together I have been able to not only increase my following on social but more importantly increase the amount of booked calls which has helped me build a stronger foundation for my business growth. I even signed a new coaching client. Thanks to working with Breanna, I can clearly see what is possible and I know what steps to actually take in order to achieve the results that I desire.

Nancy Gentle

Breanna is an expert in her field!  She helped me develop a system in LinkedIn to target and market my clients on a consistent basis. Best of all, I made back my investment with one client in 60 days!  She is knowledgeable, professional, and easily accessible.  I also have a brand new opt-in page to warm up new leads-  all in 3 months’ time! POW!  She ROCKS!

Kimberle Seale

WOW!  Working with Brea was amazing.  Not only did she come highly recommended, but when I called her with my needs for our 5-Day Challenge, she completely OVER-DELIVERED.  She was able to write the e-mail copy and our landing pages as if, it were my voice.  She has such an amazing approach and is upbeat, personable, knowledgeable, and flat-out amazing.  With Brea’s recommendations, our landing pages are converting better than the industry average.  Brea IS our go-to person for the BMS.  I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services.

“I purchased Breanna’s LinkedIn Course and using her methodology and reaching out to only a handful of possible connections, made an appointment for a fact-finding call. And best of all, it never felt difficult, uncomfortable, or sales-y. Thanks for the tools, Breanna!”

Paula Carey

“I love the templates. They really simplify the thought processes and give clarity on how to structure conversations. I really think it’s very empowering :)”

Tshepo Tselayakgosi

Amanda Layman

I came to Brea during a business crisis – I was completely out of touch with daily operations after handing everything to a project manager while I was on maternity leave, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this anymore. I was literally crying when we got on the phone, holding my five-month-old baby, and feeling completely overwhelmed. One conversation changed everything. Brea got me thinking clearly – but most importantly she helped me create an action plan that saved my business and my sanity. Not only that, but she is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, and honest (she won’t sugarcoat anything) people I’ve ever met. I felt comfortable opening up to her which helped us get to the root of my problems quickly. I plan on working with Brea in the future to continue growing my business and hitting bigger numbers. She is a gem and a lifesaver.

Kasey Schwartz

One word: AMAZING! Brea was introduced to me by a very successful influencer who told me, “If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea is the real deal!” That’s all I needed to hear to get an email in her inbox right away. The next week we were off and running! Brea doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to telling you the truth about what you need to do or not do to get to where you want to go. Her plans are concise and she’s with you every step of the way!  If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea IS the real deal.

Jill Whalen

I didn’t have much of a business before I started working with Brea. I had been freelancing here and there but I didn’t have a plan, direction, or even an idea of the type of client I wanted to work with. Everything changed after working with Brea. First of all, I have this confidence that I’ve never had before in my work and in my capability to be an entrepreneur. I saw it as a real possibility for me, and I was able to create that with Brea’s coaching. I have signed 3 clients, and I finally have a communication strategy! Plus, I keep getting referrals from friends and previous clients!

“Brea is one of those people that the Universe gave me a gift by allowing her in my life. As a lawyer, writer, and speaker, most of my work lives online. And as a creative, I get lost in the details. My business and overall life are able to function & thrive bc of what Brea brings to the table.

Lindsey Andrews

“Breanna has been my right-hand gal helping me organize my business. Moolah would not be the company it is today if it weren’t for her helping create the foundations. With her on my team we have seen the businesses we help, just explode in their reach, and our profits have increased by more than 300% with that increase directly correlated to tasks and projects Breanna managed.Breanna Gunn was instrumental in helping me build my business into the seven figures. She is not lying when she says she has done it and I can’t wait to see all the other businesses she will whip into shape.”

Rachel Miller


Brea is AWESOME! Worth every penny and then some. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has that rare combo of experience and strategic mindset that can produce tangible, money-making results.

Tania Taylor Griffis

“Before working with Brea, I wasn’t really sure which direction to take when it came to sharing my message with my potential clients. She created very value-added and friendly communication pieces for me to be able to help people the most. The finished result is well designed, looks fantastic, and will be relevant and useful for a long time and is also a great way for me to build additional funnels and flows into it, and has taught me how to approach building other funnels myself. Brea is very friendly, professional, and generous. She has been very understanding in helping me and ensuring that the final product is exactly what I need. She has gone above and beyond to help me and my business and she wants my success as much as I do. She has built a fantastic, well-designed, user-focused funnel that has given me so much more value to help my own business grow. I would highly recommend working with Brea, regardless of what stage you’re at in your business.”

Laura Ward

“I worked with Breanna for a little over 6 months, and it was an amazing experience. Working with Brea felt like having someone on my side all the time – to not only cheer me on but keep me accountable at all times. The most valuable aspect of having Brea as my own personal business coach was the BIG insights it got me – about myself, my business, working with clients, and the world of online business in general. I’m glad to have you in my life, Brea, here’s to many more years of that!”

Sandrine Coosemans

Kayla Payne

Brea is amazing at what she does! I could’ve never put a launch plan together on my own. From planning to execution, her attention to detail and expertise allowed me to have a successful launch. I will absolutely be consulting her services in the future!

“If you are tired of playing the single business owner game and are ready to level up your performance and your team, Brea is the one for you. She could easily run her own 7 figure Empire but she’s found her passion in helping you run yours. Brea completely gets high-level business strategy and is very no-nonsense in her delivery, but her sincere desire to see you make the relationship a very rewarding one!”

Abbie Piette

“I am truly BLESSED to have Breanna coaching me through my business transition. I was stuck in that client project-to-project cycle never making time to build out my own product & launch plan. The mental mindset changes I’ve gone through since we started have been huge. I could finally see my own value and strengths. It’s been an amazing process! Thank you, Brea!”

Chris Jerry


Kirsty Briscoe

I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the last 3 years combined. Not only have we created a well-oiled machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid plan for big things in the next 12 months. The most important part of my work with Brea though is in HOW I run my business. I have lost no momentum with taking days off, I get more done when I work because I’m focused on the right things, and I’m able to run my business in a way that helps me be a hands-on mom AND a mentally present business owner who doesn’t constantly miss things. Before our work, really important tasks kept slipping through the cracks and halted our progress. Or I felt like I worked too much! I’m a single mom, so being able to financially support my kids AND be there for them physically is so huge to me! I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are without Brea!

“6 months ago, I would not have dreamed that I could be a full-time work-from-home mom, but here I am. Brea coached me through the transition from full-time work to working from home…and making more money than I thought possible. She is incredibly talented and KNOWS HER SHIT. Brea is real, and honest, and her ability to see ME made all the difference. I would not be able to say that I’m the BOSS without her coaching.”

Mica Boettcher

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram

Brea had been an amazing help and support to me. She literally does everything and is kinda like superwoman.

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