How We Work With You

Copywriting and marketing are creative efforts – which means that the “product” we offer & deliver is, at its core, the culmination of our creative efforts. And yes, we may be quick, but that creative process takes time…kind of like watching a dog try to get all the peanut butter out of their toy.

Our Approach

We can’t write for you (or sound like you!) if we don’t know you, so the very first thing we do is send you a bit of homework that will help us get “up to speed” quickly.  While you’re doing that, we’re deep in research mode, diving deep into your website, socials, and any other collateral that you provide, so that we can learn about your brand, products & services, key players, history, and even your competition.

Next, we sit down with you (via to get hyper-clear regarding the project goals. This call is fun, but it’s also work – we need to know all about you to achieve your goals.

This is where you sit back and we get to work. We dive into creative mode and develop your copy & content based on the approved Creative Brief. You probably don’t want to see the mess…but if you do, you can read all about what goes into content creation right here.

Once we’re confident that the copy we’ve created is a solid “first draft” that meets (or exceeds) the goals set forth in the Copy Brief, we’ll send you the copy for review & revision requests. Once you’ve provided all of your feedback, we’ll incorporate the edits, adjust the first draft, and send you the second draft for review.

All copywriting projects receive no more than three (3) rounds of revisions. No edits will be made until all revision requests have been shared with us, and you’ve alerted BG Copy Studio that you’re done “editing.” 

Once we’ve completed the revisions (most of our clients find that they don’t need all 3 rounds – usually 1 or 2 is sufficient), we’ll thoroughly spell check & perform final edits, as well as send it to our editor (yes, really).

Once your copy has been edited and given a thorough double-check for spelling and grammar, you’ll receive the final document, which is ready for you or your team to install.

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