Here at BG Copy Studio, we use the art of effective communication to support your project’s success.

In a world where every click, every conversion, and every engagement matters, my copywriting & marketing expertise transforms your ideas into compelling, impactful narratives that contribute to your project’s success.

The online marketplace is changing, and those old, outdated, so-last-decade fear-mongering marketing tactics that the “bros” use…they’re not working anymore. And that’s awesome news for you.

Your audience needs your brilliance. And if you don’t want them hiring someone else, you need copy that makes you stand out from everyone else on Google.

I’ve crafted the content behind
6- and 7-figure launches,
5-figure evergreen sales, &
2x high-ticket 1:1 applications.

Featured Projects

But seriously – the kudos are my client’s. Not mine.

Black Belt Security

Cyber Security Consulting


Tall Poppies Design

Website & Digital Strategist


Fiscal Fitness PHX

Financial Coaching


Leigh B. Creative

Social Media Management + Brand Photography


Money karma

Wealth Coach & Financial Educator


  • Brea is such an energetic and fun person to work with! She makes creativity seem effortless and has great ideas that help you get your message across clearly. Her simplified suggestions helped streamline my processes so that I am to free up more time to focus on the things I really need to get done.

    Kelly Featheringham, Team Leadership Solutions

  • Breanna is an expert in her field! She helped me develop a system in LinkedIn to target and market my clients on a consistent basis. Best of all, I made back my investment with one client in 60 days! She is knowledgeable, professional, and easily accessible. I also have a brand new opt-in page to warm up new leads- all in 3 months’ time! POW! She ROCKS!

    Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken with Light

  • I hired Breanna to help me understand online leads funnels and build out some landing pages. I spoke to lots of folks and was so glad I picked Breanna. She’s a wealth of knowledge and could give me the no-nonsense and straightforward advice I needed, including exactly what’s working NOW and what’s not. She’s a delight to work with and I can’t wait to work with her again!

    Ashley Quinto Powell, Speaker & Coach

  • I met Breanna in a networking referral group and was immediately impressed with her results. Her clients do multi 6 and 7 figure launches, and I believe it is mostly due to Breanna’s genius with messaging. She has a brilliant way of scoping out what your ideal client REALLY wants, then tailoring that message to your dream audience. If you are interested in more clients, easier launches, and more money-she is the woman to skyrocket your profits.

    LeighAnn Heil, Positioning & Client Attraction Coach

  • Breanna’s ability to cut through YOUR noise and get to the heart of what drives you is unmatched in my network.

    I’ve had hundreds of conversations, consults, chats and coaching insights but few have come with the clarity, understanding and authentic drive Breanna brings to her work. You truly feel like she is there cheering for you without all the ”fluff and feelz” that can distract for the things you’re trying to achieve.

    Thank you so much and can’t wait to work together again and leverage your magic.

    Melissa Mosher, Executive Business & Ops Manager

  • WOW! Working with Brea was amazing. Not only did she come highly recommended, but when I called her with my needs for our 5-Day Challenge, she completely OVER-DELIVERED. She was able to write the e-mail copy and our landing pages as if, it were my voice. She has such an amazing approach and is upbeat, personable, knowledgeable, and flat-out amazing. With Brea’s recommendations, our landing pages are converting better than the industry average. Brea IS our go-to person for the BMS. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services.

    Kimberle Seale, Business Advisor

Project Highlights

If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea is the real deal!

Kasey Schwartz, Author & Blogger

“One word: AMAZING! Brea was introduced to me by a very successful influencer who told me, “If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea is the real deal!” That’s all I needed to hear to get an email in her inbox right away. The next week we were off and running! Brea doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to telling you the truth about what you need to do or not do to get to where you want to go. Her plans are concise and she’s with you every step of the way!  If you want to take your business to the next level, Brea IS the real deal.”

I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I AM without Brea!

Kirsty Briscoe, Paleo Folks

“I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the previous 3 years combined. 

Not only have we created a well-oiled content machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid marketing plan so nothing falls through the cracks.

I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am are without Brea!”

Whether you want to reach your first (or next) $6- or $7-figures, finally land on page one (and not for that totally random, not-at-all-relevant post from 8 years ago) so that when your dream clients turn to Google for help, they find you, you’ve landed in the right place. I’ve been helping coaches, consultants, and service providers create and elevate messaging that attracts those dreamy “HELL YES!” clients, like the toy section at Target attracts my kids (IYKYK).

Want more?

I’m not “just” any copywriter *wink*.

When you trust BG Copy Studio, we collaborate with you and your team, thoroughly reviewing all those customer comments & insights that you’ve been collecting, speaking with your current & past clients, and turning our discoveries into compelling copy that matches your next level of success & gets you noticed.

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