Relationship-based copy + Organic marketing that attracts “HELL YES!” clients that you actually want to work with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW that you have Swarovski-clear messaging that makes your PERFECT client feel like they’ve found their bestie?

Of course it would!

But here’s the truth – before people start pulling out their wallets (and you start getting those awesome payment notifications blowing up your phone), you need to build a relationship.

Obviously, your messaging & copywriting are working…kind of. You are making some sales…

…but the income rollercoaster is getting really old, really fast.

You know that you’re leaving money (and clients who need you!) on the table.

Ready for more clients & customers?

Whether you want to overhaul your website, emails, or create an evergreen offer, I make your programs & courses crystal clear + easy understand – so your dream clients instantly see how you can help them.

let’s make your messaging sparkle.

If your programs & products aren’t flying off the shelves…it’s a pretty good bet that you aren’t clearly communicating your awesome offers in a way that makes your audience feel like it’s something they must have and can’t-live-without.

You need relationship-driven, high-converting copy that turns your dream clients into Veruca Salt (and doesn’t put them to sleep):

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, small business, solopreneur, or course creator – you desperately need content that won’t put people to sleep + makes them actually want to stick around, give you $$$, and tell the world about you — you’re in the right place.

When I partner with my clients, I work hard to capture THEIR VOICE. Because your fans and clients want to build a RELATIONSHIP. With YOU (not me – that would be weird.). I’ll leverage my copy know-how to create some major punch, add a dash of humor (…unless you’re Mr. Lorensax), provide professional polish, & weave in some serious sales psychology to help them make that ‘HELL YES!’ decision, and click the buy button rightnow.

Think of me as your strategy + Copywriting fairy godmother.

let’s make you some besties (and add some $$$$ to your bank account):

It’s time to stop staring at that blinking cursor and get back to doing the things that only you can do (like making more $$$ in your business).

Does this sound like you?

You’re a pretty good writer…but you can’t seem to make your web copy, blog posts, or emails come alive.

Writing for business today is a whole different ballgame. Your content needs to be personal & conversational. At the same time.

Good news – I’m an expert at creating content that makes you sound like a human being instead of an AI robot (or your cat).

You’re an IDEA machine..except when it comes to figuring out where to start.

That’s cool. When you partner with me, you’ll be up and running with a clear plan of action – from a starting point, to segues, to main points – I’ll create  all of the elements you’ve been trying to figure out in your head. Think of me like your personal marketing + content roadmap for ideas and words.

You created that Avatar that everyone was talking about…but you have NO CLUE how to actually use it.

Do you really need to know that your ideal client prefers to shop at Nordstrom because of the cafe and the sale rack? I’ll help you speak to your dream client’s deepest desires  in a way that makes them feel like you’re in their head (kinda).

Thinking about launching?

Been looking at an outdated sales page (or that damn cursor!!) for so long you forgot why you’re staring at the screen? I’ve got your fresh set of eyes is right here. I’ll make better using a mix of sales psychology and easy to understand language. A copy makeover should be like great plastic surgery – enhancing the best features of your programs and products, correcting the flaws, and making it all look and feel like it’s totally natural, thankyouverymuch.

Wish you never had to open a doc or write a post again?

Me too, friend, me too. The good news is that when you partner with me, you won’t have to create – just review. I will provide you with solid, conversational copy that attracts your dream clients & customers. I’ll help you find language that speaks to them and makes them want to fork over all the $$$.

Cool, Cool…Ummmmm…How long does it usually take (& cost)?

Honestly? It’s hard to say until I peek behind your business’ proverbial curtain. Does your content need a good “buffing & polishing,” or are we looking at a “raze-everything-to-the-ground and start over” scenario? Do you have a marketing calendar, launch plan, or other outline(s) in place…or will we need to start from zero?

Whether it’s a full page of web copy (like this one!) or a short series of targeted press releases, or a whole soup-to-nuts (never really did get that expression…) launch suite, our work together can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of months.

PSST!! New client? Start by booking yourself a complimentary Marketing Momentum Session, and we’ll go from there.

Want my best Guess-time-ate?

…see what I did there? *wink*

single Website Page

Typically it takes about 7-10 days to complete a full-blown website page. Or, if you just need a few tweaks to your existing copy (that you wrote & is already decent), it’s possible that I could (possibly) get through your whole website.

From $497+
long-form sales page

If we’re talking from scratch, a long-form sales page typically takes between 21 & 30 days. But…if you got a (solid) running start, then I I can take the time to make it way better in a day or two (when you purchase a VIP Day).

From $997
Launch Copy (Emails + Sales Page)

Sales copy time (weeks, or even months), which is why my launch packages are 90+ days. At the end of our project, you’ll have kick-ass content (that actually sells your stuff) that you are proud to share everywhere (and can reuse over and over).

From $1997+

If you’re tired of the increasing prices and decreasing conversions from Facebook (or Google or Youtube or TikTok or or or) & feeling like your business success is at the mercy of social media no matter what you try…

Breathe. I’ve got you. My marketing strategies & copywriting are tailored specifically for your coaching/course/consulting business model. WHEW!

That means we’ll create the following:

  • Content that actually sounds like you (or your brand) so it blends seamlessly with every other part of your business. 
  • Growth & marketing strategies to help you quickly attract more leads who turn into RIGHT-fit clients & customers — ones who stick with you + don’t churn after a single sale or program (or a few months).

if people aren’t sure how your product(s) will halt their frUstrations & improve, well, everything — they’re not gonna say “HELL yes!” to your offer. 

It’s time to create clear, compelling content supported by a strategic marketing plan so that it’s easy for people to say “when can we start?!”

Packages & Rates

We’ll start with an onboard call (via Zoom) to map your content and/or launch. We may even spend some time working on your copy together (FUN!).

Most often, we’ll chat for a bit & then I’ll knock out your content on my own before sending it over to you for review during our project period.

No matter how we start things off, you’ll end up with kickass copy and/or a marketing plan that does the #1 thing it needs to do: hits the emotional nail square on the head + gets your right-fit people to buy.your.stuff.

Additional Services

Looking for something else to support your business growth? Get in touch with me here.

I’d love to create a custom package just for you and your (totally rad!) business.

Are we a match?

If the strongest curse word you can tolerate is “darn it,” or your email sign-off is “have a blessed day,”

…then probably not. #sorrynotsorry

If you’re a human who breathes air and would rather Hulk-Smash the next doc you see than fill it with words, I think we should probs hang out.

Will I have to mortgage my house or sell my firstborn?

I’m not cheap. But I’m a great value, my friend.

Get ready to align your marketing strategy + deploy kickass copy so that you can start seeing REAL results!

My clients say it best…

  • I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the last 3 years combined. Not only have we created a well-oiled machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid plan for big things in the next 12 months. The most important part of my work with Brea though is in HOW I run my business. I have lost no momentum with taking days off, I get more done when I work because I’m focused on the right things, and I’m able to run my business in a way that helps me be a hands-on mom AND a mentally present business owner who doesn’t constantly miss things. Before our work, really important tasks kept slipping through the cracks and halted our progress. Or I felt like I worked too much! I’m a single mom, so being able to financially support my kids AND be there for them physically is so huge to me! I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are without Brea!

    Kirsty Briscoe

  • Collaborating on our Kajabi launch with Brea Gunn was exactly what we were looking for. She is VERY realistic about timelines while being aggressive enough to get them done. Believe it or not, this is a unicorn trait in the industry! Brea worked with my existing tight-knit office team to let us know EXACTLY what we needed to provide her AND even helped our team learn the ropes on Kajabi to expedite the process. We felt confident by the launch date that we had a viable product, and have done over $6fig in sales from the products created. She’s pretty great.

    Xtina Harmsworth

  • “Working with you, you’ve been able to turn my biz mindset around and help me create an outreach system that works. Thank you!”

    Deborah Beckwin

  • BRE ROCKS! It’s like she lives inside my head and takes my jumbled mess of thoughts and turns it into this immaculate piece of copy that sounds just like me, and speaks to my ideal client with urgency and authenticity! You won’t be disappointed with her work!

    Chris C.

OMG Did we just become besties?!

I mean you DID make it all the way to the bottom of this page. Which means you’re a total Word Nerd – and if you’re a word nerd, why are you not on my email list? Let’s fix that!


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