Work With Me

Work With Me

When I first tried this whole business owner thing, it was downright scary. It was suddenly, quite solidly up to me to make it work. I wasn’t waiting on a paycheck from the corporate office. I was the corporate office. I had to put myself out there and tell the world what I could do. I had to sell myself. My gifts. My insight. But that can be difficult. While I was bogged down in the details, I was missing out on huge opportunities. Not because I didn’t want them…because I couldn’t see them. And if you’re here, I’m guessing you have an inkling that you’re missing out on some major income streams in your business. Trust me when I say that you are not alone.

“I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the last 3 years combined. Not only have we created a well-oiled machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid plan for big things in the next 12 months.” – Kirsty Briscoe, PaleoFolks

Most of my clients are working so hard IN their business that they forget to work ON their business.  Like you, they’re so used to being a one-person show that they cannot see the big picture anymore. I’ve made it my mission to change that.

I will help you organize and implement your to-do list so that you can make room for more products, clients, and income (while still having a life).

Together, we will create a structure in your business that makes sense for you and leaves room for growth. It’s time to stop thinking of yourself as a one-person show. You started your business to fill a need. Maybe you wanted to be “more than mom” or to be able to have some fun money. But you know that this amazing business of yours can do so much more. I have been there! I’ve been in the online space for 0ver 10 years. I started out as a ghostwriter for a wedding website, and then for a baby sleep site. Then I worked as a department manager and business organization specialist. And then came funnels and launching. I watched, and researched, and showed up for every single opportunity. And now? I’ve helped multiple online businesses have 6 and 7 figure launches that have allowed them to grow their team, which means they can now work ON their business. During our time together, we will work through a proven process that looks like this:
  1. Assessment of your business goals
  2. Your current team’s roles and responsibilities
  3. Your product graveyard (everyone and I mean everyone, has one)
  4. Escaping the small business mindset
  5. Building your business roadmap
  6. Product planning
  7. Product creation & launching
All while building amazing relationships and offering insight into those businesses that accelerated their growth. Your business should be next. Trust me.


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