I’m a conversion copywriter & marketing strategist for talented, creative business owners (that’s YOU!).

It’s great to meet you!

You want to be a top performer in your industry…

…but you aren’t sure how to be seen…let alone stand out.

It’s time to stop stressin’ and start celebrating, ’cause I’ve got the secret sauce you’ve been missing (and, no, it’s not Slap Your Mama – though that is delicious).

You’re Gonna love working with me

I’ve been in marketing for over a decade and have been writing copy for waaaaaaaaaay longer (like an embarrassingly long time). I’ve sold everything from cars (Used ones. On a lot. In 4-inch stilettos!), cell phones, coffee, courses, coaching, and more. Chances are, whatever you’re selling, I’ve had a similar experience and am happy to lend my expertise.

We track campaign results (yes, really) so that we can actually see what’s working & double down on that. If you’ve been guessing…that’s gotta stop, my friend.

I have decades of experience as a ghostwriter (that means everything I write actually sounds like you).

When clients tell me “I can’t remember if I wrote this or you did! LOL” that’s a good sign.

I’m legit allergic to cringe, bro-marketing tactics (like false scarcity, overpromising & underdelivering, bait-and-switch…you get the idea. BLECH.). My style is compelling without the cliff-jumping, Lambo-driving, mansion-renting yuck that doesn’t work anyway.  

Book your complimentary Marketing Momentum Session and see for yourself how I can help you simplify your marketing & create compelling, “HELL YES!” content that allows you to scale sustainably (even if you’ve always been a one-entrepreneur-show or no one you’ve hired has worked out) + leave the income & client roller coaster in your rearview for good:

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