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You know that audience you’ve been building? Yeah..that one.

I turn them into raving fans (who practically throw money at you).

Collaborating with Brea was exactly what we were looking for. She is VERY realistic about timelines while being aggressive enough to get them done. Believe it or not, this is a unicorn trait in the industry! Brea worked with my existing tight-knit office team to let us know EXACTLY what we needed to provide her to expedite the process. We felt confident by the launch date that we had a viable product, and have done over $6fig in sales from the content created.
She’s pretty great.

Xtina Harmsworth, XMH Cosmetics

If you’re tired of your messaging falling flat, and the thought of creating one.more.email. gives you hives, it’s time to hang up your wordsmithing hat & hire a pro (that’s me!)

HOwdy! I’m Brea.

Like the cheese *drools*. And I’d love to support you.

“Brea is so fun to work with! She is very thorough and is a wealth of information. She saved me so much time by creating a beautiful landing page that displays my personality perfectly. I highly recommend working with Brea!!”
– Juju Rafii, Mindset & Self-Mastery Coach

You need a copywriter who gets it. Here’s why that’s me:

yeEaAArs of ExperIEnce

I’ve spent the last 15+ years deep in the trenches of online copy creation + digital marketing. And yes, that means I’m kind of a digital dinosaur. A brainy, sneaky, smart Troodon.

Top-Notch Research Skills

You need someone to unearth the juicy details. Lucky for you, that’s me – the detective of the digital realm. I’ve got a knack for research that could rival a Sherlock episode. Let’s just say, if it’s out there, I’ll find it faster than you can say ‘investigation’.

Professional FREELANCER

TIP: If you have to babysit your freelancers, it’s time to find new freelancers. That’s why I use a simple, streamlined process for my copy creation – one that keeps you informed & actually makes you glad that you took copywriting off your plate.

Marketing Specialist

You’ve stumbled upon a writing aficionado with a knack for content magic. Freelance writing and content marketing? That’s my playground. But hey, don’t be fooled – I’m not just about words. I’ve got a love affair with SEO, data wizardry, and turning clicks into fans.

Storytelling expert

If you want your audience to open every single email, you have to give them a reason. Your dream clients are waiting for you to show them that you GET them. That’s why I use a special blend of storytelling + empathy that’s proven (over and over again) to keep them coming back for more.

Copy that actually SOUNds like you

Have you ever been so stoked to meet someone (think your celebrity crush or favorite author or dream client) only to have them be the total opposite of what you thought they would be like? Yeeeeah. Me too. And it SUCKS. But my superpower is ghostwriting + brand messaging which means the copy I create for you, actually sounds like you.

Real Results

Oh, you want details? Well…my kickass copy has increased email conversions by 260%, 2x program enrollments, increased revenue by 300%, and made my clients millions ($10M and counting, TBH).

“Brea is simply the best at what she does and brings a fun and collaborative spirit to every project. What sets her apart is her remarkable ability to fully grasp and replicate the unique tone and voice of her clients, making her writing sound authentically like them.

Brea’s creativity and professionalism consistently result in polished, error-free, and compelling content that not only resonates with the target audience but also drives impressive results.

Working with Brea is an absolute pleasure, and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone in search of a top-notch copywriter who delivers exceptional work while making the entire process fun and enjoyable!”
Lucinda Fonseca, Lucinda Fonseca Designs

Here’s the scoop: Google algorithms meticulously analyze words like puzzle pieces. To snag those prime spots in the SERPs, you need a wordsmith who’s well-versed in optimization, fueled by research, and a savvy strategic thinker.

But hold on, there’s more to it (isn’t there always?!).

Copywriting is more than writing for robots – it’s a carefully measured mix of storytelling + SEO + empathy. Yes, I just gave you my secret sauce. If you want to turn your audience into superfans, you have to form an emotional connection with them.

Picture telling a compelling story around a campfire, except your story’s lighting up screens and igniting empathy.

So, if you’re on a mission to create create a sea of devoted followers, get ready. This journey is all about words, narratives, and your brand’s brilliance while capturing your audience’s fleeting focus in a way that makes them stop, pay attention, and click that button

“Brea was able to write My e-mail copy & The landing pages as if, it were my voice.”

“WOW! Working with Brea was amazing. Not only did she come highly recommended, but when I called her with my needs for our 5-Day Challenge, she completely OVER-DELIVERED. She was able to write the e-mail copy and our landing pages as if, it were my voice. She has such an amazing approach, up-beat, personable, knowledgeable, flat out amazing. With Brea’s recommendations, our landing pages are converting better than the industry average. Brea IS our go-to person for the BMS. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services.”
– Kimberle Seale

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